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Tribute and Legacy Videos – Telling Great Stories

By August 20, 2018Video
Tell a story with the HenkinSchultz video produciton team.

When you tell someone you do video production, a common response is, “Oh, you make commercials!” This is true, but the :30 commercial format is only a fraction of the way video is delivered these days. When someone thinks video, they often think “expensive” too. But tribute videos and legacy videos don’t have to be. HenkinSchultz is a great resource to create something very special for Grandpa’s 80th or your boss’s retirement. We’ve done hundreds of these – and have enjoyed every story.

Sometimes tribute videos are historic in nature. Using a collection of archived photos or past video, we weave together a story of the young part time worker who eventually became CEO, for example. Other times, we intersperse them with interviews of friends and peers. It may be for a small private viewing or a featured video at a large event. They are an excellent way to honor someone’s retirement; their service to a non-profit; or just celebrate their awards or achievements.

In addition, families often approach us with a problem that goes something like this. “We have all this great stuff and want to make something memorable out of it.” If this is you, don’t be overwhelmed by the volume or expense. We’ve sifted through peoples’ archives countless times to create great video from your treasures. And we can do it at a reasonable cost – from family interviews to family photos or video.

HenkinSchultz loves these types of tribute and legacy videos. Not only do we get to work with really cool people and organizations, it pushes our creativity and ability to tell great stories.

Whether you have someone in your family or company who deserves a tribute or a story of your own to preserve, Contact HenkinSchultz to see how video can bring it to life.