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HenkinSchultz goes Scavenger Hunting

By August 20, 2018Staff
HenkinSchultz team building scavenger hunt

So how does a creative services team kick off a team building afternoon? Creatively, of course, with a scavenger hunt. The HenkinSchultz crew split into four teams and set off on a Sioux Falls adventure.

Teams had two hours to complete as many tasks as possible from a list that covered the city. The tasks largely centered on clients and vendor partners. Take a photo with Val at Missouri River Energy Services? Check. Get a printer’s proof from Denny at Sisson Printing? Check. Shuck an ear of corn in honor of Midwest Seed. Check. Say hi to Showplace Cabinetry and take home some of their really cool coffee mugs? Check.

Just like our work, there was plenty of strategy involved. Which route? Which order? How long to stay? And which stops would we be forced to skip? Summer construction was also not our friend. All teams returned – in tact and smiling. There were winners, but no losers as the HenkinSchultz team enjoyed a great day with the people that make our work possible.