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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest – The Dark Horse in the Social Race

By | In Other News
The basics - What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an app which displays a collection of posts – known as Pins. They are picture based, have very little text, and need to be associated with a destination URL. Generally speaking, it is an “inspiration board.” Who is on Pinterest? Women. Men are too, but let’s face it. It’s women. 200 million people use Pinterest every month, 70% are women. What are women looking at on Pinterest? Everything. Recipes. Fashion. Workout routines. Tattoos. Summer activities for kids. Vacation destinations. Organization tips. Cleaning products. The best pillows for a good night sleep. Wood...
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World Cup 2018

What the World Cup can teach us about advertising.

By | Advertising, Television, Video
On the evening of October 11, 2017 many of us sat and watched friends sulk in dismay as the realization set in that we would not be able to cheer for our Team USA in the World Cup. There are some who thoroughly enjoy watching soccer, and some who are just along for a friendly beer and ask at least 10-questions-per half. ”I don’t know much about soccer, but after moving to Sioux Falls I have learned that many residents eat, sleep and breathe this sport. Molly KreutzfeldtGraphic Designer USA’s defeat and what it meant to fans & advertisers You...
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Lance Rasmussen

Meet Lance Rasmussen

By | Staff

A summer internship at HS is about a lot more than getting coffee and running errands. You get real life experience, you get valuable connections – and you also get us coffee (kidding – we all pitch in on that extremely important endeavor). In all seriousness, we’re extremely happy to have Lance Rasmussen, an SDSU graphic design major, with us this summer as our HS intern! He’s been a great asset to the team already, helping out with design projects and learning the ropes at the HS Sign Shop. Lance grew up on a farm and loves getting involved and…

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HenkinSchultz podcast

Podcast #5: Chad Vander Lugt: TnT

By | Podcasts
Tony Bock & Special Guest Host Emily Sorenson of HenkinSchultz Creative Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, welcome HS Executive Creative Director Chad Vander Lugt to Episode 5 of Mixed Thinks. Join them for a fun chat on creative directing, digital strategizing and an award-winning Harry Caray impression. Holy Cow! Recipe for a TnT Ingredients: Tequila Tequila Directions: Take the first tequila and mix it with the second. The creativity will explode from there!
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