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May 2018

Website Tips from web designer Melissa DoyleWebsite Design

How Hard is Your Website Working for You?

Websites are like sales people; but in many ways they are better. As a business owner, you have probably hired some pretty great people to represent your company and help it grow. But have you thought about your website in the same way? Just as you don't want your employees representing any wrong information about your business, you don't want your website telling potential customers inaccurate information. Your website is something that you should really have complete control over. Websites work 24/7 without complaining. Websites can answer questions about your product or service any time, day or night. Websites should…
May 24, 2018
Drone Certified Joey SchultzDrone Photography

Drone Season – Joey Schultz’s Favorite Time Of Year

What some people call spring, we call the beginning of drone season! So there’s no better time to chat about what drones can do for your marketing than now. We recently sat down with our very own FAA certified drone pilot - the leader of HenkinSchultz’s video production team/Partner, Joey Schultz, for a quick Q&A on drones. Most people think anyone can just buy a drone and start flying. Why does it matter if you’re certified? You need to take liability issues into account when hiring a drone pilot. Hobbyist drone pilots aren’t legally allowed to sell their footage –…
May 15, 2018
Emily Sorenson - Digital Marketing Expert on Terms & AcronymnsIn Other News

A Guide to Digital Marketing Acronyms & Terms

One thing is pretty consistent with digital marketing terms… just about everyone of them is an acronym! PPC, CPC, SEM, CTR, SEO, KPI… the list of 3 letter abbreviations for digital marketing concepts grows with the advent of every new technology. And let's face it, a lot of people are confused about what they mean, how to do it, and how to determine if it even worked! In this article Digital Marketing Director Emily Sorenson, is breaking down digital marketing abbreviations. This isn’t a complete list, but these are the ones most often used in reference to digital marketing terms…
May 7, 2018