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Designing & Developing a Magazine Website That’s Pure CLASS

By April 19, 2018 January 10th, 2019 Website Design magazine website

This past year our web team at HenkinSchultz was happy to work with CLASS, a Las Vegas-based publication, on a magazine website that is rich in elegant content and decadent in its design.

CLASS is a multi-platform luxury lifestyle publication with a focus on branded content, ultra-exclusive events and luxury lifestyles.
The CLASS business model is based on five pillars — Compassion, Living consciously, Authenticity, Service and Solutions.

If you visit, you’ll be treated to a web experience that’s as good as gold. Upon arriving on the homepage of the website, you see the current cover issue prominently featured, as well as their positioning line, “luxury with a purpose” – this simple, but bold declaration is a great preview of what you have in store as you begin to scroll down through the rest of the site.

The site is broken up into a number of different sections, the first of which is the Daily Chronicle. This section provides daily updates – from global news to local Las Vegas listings, it’s a convenient page that always features the most recent news in the world of affluent lifestyles.

Watch this short video of Robin Leach speak on behalf of CLASS and what Luxury with a Purpose means.

The next section is The CLASS™ Project Initiative, which is a digital and social media campaign designed specifically for philanthropists and nonprofit organizations. It aims to make the world a better place. CLASS aligns influencers and celebrities with causes they support to create engaging, entertaining and informative digital shorts. Charities and organizations will be granted the right to use the video on its websites and social media platforms.

A copy of the printed publication/magazine CLASS – Volume I.

Celebrity Confidential features exclusive interviews with the world’s most famous celebrities. Style & Class is the shop page, where you can ‘shop for a cause’ – a portion of each purchase goes to charity. Class TV takes you behind-the-scenes for exclusive access to all things luxury. They currently feature interviews with the artist Simon Bull, superstar musicians Andre Rieu and David Hasselhoff, and celebrity journalist Robin Leach.

Browse and purchase the magazine via the digital editions.

If you’re impressed with fine dining, jewelry, upscale travel and high-end real estate, then this fashionable website provides a wealth of information to fuel your champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

Working on The CLASS Project website was extremely rewarding. We really took their mission statement – luxury with a purpose - to heart through the design and development stages. We were able to create a unique magazine website that complements the print version.

Melissa DoyleWeb Projects Manager

If you are interested in starting your own style of a magazine website, blog, marketing or e-commerce site, contact our team.

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