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How We Use Creative Energy to Connect & Compel

By April 9, 2018Creativity
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Our Purpose

If you’ve ever been to the HenkinSchultz headquarters, you can almost feel the creativity in the air. We were the artsy kids growing up, always looking at the world with a slightly different perspective. We can turn anything into something. In school we learned how to harness our creative energy – how to turn it into something tangible. We honed those skills in internships, jobs and passion projects along the way. We kept learning, seeking, dreaming and DOING. When we got here, to HS, we met other like-minded individuals and skilled professionals who helped us raise our game, grow and improve. Creativity happens in an instant but it’s rooted in a lifetime of experience.

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Our society is more connected than ever, yet so many messages fail to truly connect with their audience. Creativity is wasted if it doesn’t connect. We don’t just take a blind guess at what will make an impact, or submit a proposal just because we think it’s cool. Our creativity is built on a foundation of research and today’s marketing principals. We listen to the history while looking towards the future. We take lessons learned from the past and apply them towards the hottest new trends. We dig deep to learn what’s going to move your target demographic. The right idea just doesn’t come out of nowhere. Research leads to insight, which then fosters a true, memorable connection with your audience.

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Creating the right message and connecting with the target audience are extremely important, but the ultimate point is to compel the audience to do something. It’s not enough to get attention – we strive for action. The right message doesn’t just move the audience, it moves them to change their behavior. Our analytics team tracks data so that we know if we were successful in our mission or not. That information is used to refine the message and the medium. We’ve learned over 26 years that if it isn’t compelling, it’s not going to be selling.

We have great respect for what you do. When you come into a partnership with HS, we get in the trenches with you. These aren’t just projects to us, we live your business. We learn as much as we can and then get to work with you.

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Connect. Compel.

Simply put, “this is what we do.” – Kirby Schultz. Co-founder/President, HenkinSchultz Creative Services