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Becka Burger & Lynell Weeg Nominated for EmBe Tribute to Women

By April 18, 2018June 1st, 2022Staff
Becka Burger & Lynell Weeg Nomintated for EmBe Tribute to Women

On April 19th, 2018, the 45th Annual EmBe Tribute to Women awards will commemorate legacy, honor achievement and celebrate women. We were thrilled to see two of our staff nominated for all of their service through the years.

Becka Burger

Partner/Director of Client Services Becka Burger was nominated in the Business Achievement category. This nomination is well deserved, as Becka has over 18 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She’s earned the respect of her peers by pushing every day to provide the best creative work and customer service to our clients – and the best working environment to her co-workers. It’s a mission that continues to propel her professionally. She is a cheerleader for the team and a tireless advocate for helping clients grow.

There are countless businesses, non-profits and service organizations that Becka has helped guide over her career. She’s also helped guide lives – from helping develop the staff at HenkinSchultz, to her own responsibilities as a mother, to mentoring for Lutheran Social Services, Becka is always there for anyone who needs her. She earned her undergraduate degree from South Dakota State University, then completed her MBA from the University of Sioux Falls while juggling many professional agency roles en route to her current position as Partner/Director of Client Services.

It’s an incredible honor to be nominated as part of the EmBe Tribute to Women Celebration. I appreciate all the support I’ve had over the years from co-workers, friends and family, and I’m excited to continue growing in my own career and helping the next generation of women leaders rise in their own careers.

Becka BurgerPartner/Director of Client Services

Lynell Weeg

Creative Director Lynell Weeg was nominated in the Humanities & Education category. Every great contribution to culture and the arts requires a talented artist working diligently behind the scenes. Lynell Weeg is that artist. Humble and visionary, for 22 years, Lynell has guided the creative work of HenkinSchultz and brands that have shaped our city.

In her time, she has designed countless community and corporate graphics that have come to represent Sioux Falls’ identity. She has created over 70 logos and hundreds of billboards, ads, collateral and signage for businesses and non-profits alike, but takes special pride in knowing that commerical art really can make a difference: When someone in need sees a Lutheran Social Services billboard and calls for help, or when hundreds put on a benefit event t-shirt to raise money for an important cause, Lynell’s work has been there. Her creative contributions have helped promote and celebrate the finest in our community – heart and surgical specialists, world-class cancer care, performing and visual arts programs, top-notch restaurants, and trusted financial and retail establishments. Lynell’s projects are a work of heart. She credits God for the ability to use her gifts, and for the faith that has guided her through the losses and challenges in her life.

“Lynell’s strong upbringing and her commitment to her faith have steered her to be one of the most respected people in our office. Her design talent still leads our group even after 22 years of creative success. Down to earth. Respectful. Gracious. Talented. Loyal. Caring.” says Kirby Schultz.

Originally from Bridgewater, SD, Lynell earned her BS in Communication Arts from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. While in Chicago, Lynell worked on notable national accounts before relocating to the Sioux Falls area to raise a family. Lynell lives in Tea, SD, with her husband Forrest and two sons, Jack and Eddie. She is actively involved in their activities, in her community and in her church.

I’m incredibly touched to be nominated as part of the EmBe Tribute to Women Celebration. I’ve had so much fun over the years getting to work with great partners on great projects. I look forward to sharing in the creative process with my co-workers and clients – and continuing to serve our community in the coming years.

Lynell WeegCreative Director

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