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HenkinSchultz Looks Ahead in 2018

By January 17, 2018January 23rd, 2018Marketing, Staff
Becka Burger

A Message from Becka Burger, Partner and Director of Client Services

At the beginning of 2018, or any year, it’s common for many to reflect and look backwards. Those are great sentiments and quite useful in life. But at HenkinSchultz – and in marketing strategy – if you spend too much time in “back then,” you’re already behind the competition. The way customers and your target market consume products and services is constantly changing. Remember buying MP3s? That was cute. Or when you actually had to bring a coupon to a store? Novel. Apps used to be what you shared at happy hour.

Life moves quickly in today’s world. Any of HenkinSchultz’s talented creatives will tell you the work they are doing today is dramatically different that what they were doing just a couple years ago. How messages are delivered and consumed changes yearly, monthly and sometimes daily. Remember the most recent time you logged into Facebook or Instagram and some function was missing, changed or relocated? We know to be of value to our clients, we must stay on top of these changes, small and large, and anticipate the future.

With marketing messages and digital platforms, life changes fast. But the need for good messaging never changes. So as we look ahead to helping businesses, individuals and nonprofits solidify their messaging for 2018, were also looking ahead to an exciting 2018 with fresh talent, fresh eyes and an enthusiastic commitment to thinking strategically on behalf of our clients. Whether its budgets or branding, we all set goals. Our clients want conversions, and each of them starts with a conversation.

So, let’s talk. No, we mean it. Let’s really talk.

We could tell you about the savvy and smart additions to our team. But as proud as we are of our expanding expertise, we’re even more proud to have people on board that live, breath, eat and sleep getting to know your consumer. When we talk about strategy, it is much more than just a plan. It is the result of a ton of research and thought on behalf of the client – and in search of what drives the customer.

Our hallway conversations are filled with really cool individuals scrutinizing customer behaviors, trends, data and analytics and putting our collective strategic heads together – to not just sell, but engage. Because an engaged customer is a loyal one. And a loyal customer tells others – via coffee table, tweet, soccer match, online review or social platforms.

It’s quite amazing actually. New media has created an easy avenue for the oldest communication of all – conversation. Online, we exchange ideas, we criticize services, and we celebrate successes. This new world is transparent and that can be scary, but it is not going way. And to succeed, you must explore it. So let’s set sail together.

Here’s the cool thing about HenkinSchultz in 2018. Our ship is big, broad, nimble and fast. We trust our captains to navigate these waters and hire seaworthy talent to steer your business. We’ve recently welcomed five new employees to be exact.

So as 2018 sets sail to new routes, adventures and challenges, we’re dropping anchor to do what we do best – think, work, strategize and guide. Experience matters. And when you combine it with fresh talent, you get exceptional client service and a talent roster that likes to rock the boat in a good way.

That’s how you make waves.

Make new customers.

And make a great 2018.