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Podcast #2: Nathan Hults: The Finlander Hults

By December 20, 2017Podcasts
HenkinSchultz Podcast

Tony Bock & Taylor Litzen, of HenkinSchultz Creative Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, welcome stand-up comedian, actor and producer Nathan Hults to Episode 2 of Mixed Thinks, for a hilarious discussion about launching a new comedy venue, marketing yourself as a comedian and the place of humor in today’s social media landscape.

Recipe for the Finlander Hults

The Finlander HultsThe Finlander HultsIngredients:
Crown Royal
7 Up
Peach Schnapps

The setup: A glass with ice, Crown Royal whiskey and 7 Up. The punchline? A splash of Peach Schnapps. Giggles will soon follow.