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The Greatest Awards We’ve Ever Won are the Thank You Notes From Our Clients

When you walk in the front door of HenkinSchultz you see some cool things – first off, the space is clearly home to a very creative group of people. Your senses are stimulated with music, a water feature, some whimsical lighting displays and a bunch of trophies from our award-winning work over the years. But the trophies aren’t the awards that we’re proudest of. Take a closer look at the trophy case and you’ll see our greatest achievements – the thank you notes that our wonderful clients have written to us over the years. HS President and co-founder Kirby Schultz proudly reads these notes we receive at our Monday morning staff meeting. It seems like such a simple thing – but it’s a powerful message that resonates. Are you taking the time to say thanks to the people who make your business work? Are you properly honoring those longtime clients the way you used to at the beginning of the relationship? We were proud to recently receive a thank you letter from a longtime HS client – Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota. In it, they said that “HenkinSchultz has been an important part of LSS for more than 20 years.” That’s a message we’re grateful to hear. First Trust Company recently sent us a short note that said they were “a happy client” – which is our favorite kind. If you’re looking for a creative way to send a memorable thank you note, give us a call for some unique ideas that will really make your clients and associates feel special. If you’re in the charitable world, check out the HS Sign Shop for information on how we can help you create a really cool Donor Display. The right display pays tribute to your donors, tells the story of your philanthropic mission and promotes future giving. We’d also like to take this opportunity to say THANKS to all of our clients, vendors and business partners. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and will never take your trust in us for granted!