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Expanded Services Call for an Expanded Marketing Plan

Business people at a ribbon cutting for expanded services
One of the most crucial decisions any business can face is how to go about expanding their service options. There’s a million decisions to make and a lot of moving pieces internally that need to be handled, but make sure you’re minding your marketing strategy as you plot your launch.

The Soft Launch

Some companies prefer a ‘soft launch’ – this is a slower rollout where a restricted market is able to preview the new product or service before it’s entirely launched to the general public. This can be an effective method if you want to A/B test the response of a certain type of demographic, or if you want some additional time to work the bugs out of your system. A soft launch typically does not require a great deal of marketing, as the gradual response of your target market will help you adjust the marketing for when your new product or service is available to everybody.

The Hard Launch

A ‘hard launch’ is when your new product or service is released to everyone at once, and this approach usually involves a major marketing push. This can be an instance where a new campaign may be introduced, or even a complete re-branding of your company. Your product or service needs to be 100% ready to go if you’re going to initiate a hard launch. All the glitches need to be worked out of the system and your internal staff must be up to speed and prepared to handle new inquiries and orders.

Where to Start?

It’s wise to have all aspects of your advertising engaged during a hard launch – from digital to print, billboards to broadcast – a consistent message is key when you’re expanding your service options. Reach out to HenkinSchultz to discuss adjusting your marketing strategy for either a soft or hard launch. We’ll create a plan that will make sure your expanded services are expanding your bottom line.