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Lacey Cink Joins The HS Team… For The Summer

By June 22, 2017June 27th, 2017In Other News
Lacey Cink
Lacey Cink has joined the HS team as our copywriting intern. As with every new arrival, we find joy in torturing new recruits with a long list of questions and a photoshoot to reveal personality, deep dark secrets, and the really important stuff… what type of food they are likely to bring to the next pot luck. So far, Lacey seems like a keeper… but then again, we haven’t tried her brussels sprouts yet, so the jury is still out. 1 – what is your major? My major is Journalism, with a minor in Sarcasm. 2 – why have you chosen this as your area of study? It took me a lot of soul searching (major changing) to finally land on Journalism. I have always loved writing, but it was always something personal that I did in my free time. I’ve learned that it’s important to pay attention to what you daydream about. My mind was always drifting towards anything creative (especially when I was trapped in chemistry lectures). My sophomore year of college, while procrastinating studying for a microbiology exam, I decided to create a blog. It was the first time I shared my writing with anyone. And the response I received from it was amazing. It showed me that my jumbled thoughts could resonate with other people, and that by sharing them, I could connect to so many different people. I was hooked. I’ve been writing every day since. Who knew a simple blog post would lead to a career change? I sure didn’t. 3 – when you graduate, what are your plans? World Domination. First step: Find a job. 4 – what are you most excited about now that you are at HS? Well, I was originally pursing a nursing degree. I had gone on a medical mission trip with International Medical Relief to Cambodia and came back with a bleeding heart for the vulnerable. I love to help people, so it was definitely up my alley, but I was uninterested in the science side of it all—which is a huge part of it. On top of that, I was completely ignoring my creative side—which is a huge part of me. It took me awhile (a lot longer than all of my friends and family) to realize nursing wasn’t my passion and that I could still help people, but in different ways. I’m excited to finally be working in/learning about the creative industry and getting to use an entirely different skillset. The team here has already been so amazing at involving me in different parts of the process. It has really helped me get a feel for this industry. But, the most exciting part is bring-your-dog-to-work Fridays. 5 – what do you see as the next big thing in marketing? Since marketing and technology are so integrated, as one advances, so will the other. I’m excited to see the further melding of the two—animated logos; marketing that is not just targeted for a demographic, but rather an individual; etc. This is both an exciting and creepy concept. Also, because more people are opting to pay for subscriptions that don’t have ads, I’m curious to see how marketers are going to adjust to more ad-free outlets like Netflix, Spotify Premium, etc. 6 – what is your favorite tv show? I like to jump between feel-good shows like Jane the Virgin, New Girl, and Master of None, and intense documentaries about anything from unsolved murders to space exploration to horrors in the whaling industry. Also, if you’re in the creative industry, there’s this really cool show on Netflix called Abstract that is excellent. 7 – what is your hidden talent? My hidden talents are all over the place but some include: spilling every meal I’ve ever eaten, always finding the dance floor, speaking broken Spanish and Italian, painting watercolors, and writing poetry. I also am good at writing backwards, can make an origami crane, know how to count to 20 in Japanese, and say the names of your fingers (thumb, pinky, etc.) in Danish. 8 – what is your pot luck go-to dish? Brussels Sprouts….hear me out!! They’re delicious when you roast them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and, if you’re feeling wild, Parmesan cheese.