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Faini Designs
Every love story begins with a moment. The HenkinSchultz video production team was able to capture a special moment that turned into a memorable television spot that was perfectly aligned with Faini’s overall marketing strategy. “Here for all your moments” featured a real South Dakota couple telling the story of their engagement and how helpful the Faini staff was in making this occasion a special one. Nic Faini, Sales & Marketing Manager at Faini Designs Jewelry Studio, was thrilled with how the “Here for all your moments” spot turned out. “It’s the most impactful TV ad we’ve ever run,” said Faini. Check out the spot below: Our team had the expertise and experience to make the couple comfortable enough to share their story in a playful, fun manner on camera. We were also making sure the spot stuck to the strategy – we were able to create a moment that told the story of how Faini was “here for all your moments” by highlighting a real couple’s most important one. That message has carried through in their digital advertising, print, television and even on posters and t-shirts we created for them. Those are all pieces of a whole and it’s how we champion a brand.