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Championing Your Brand

By June 7, 2017Branding
Happy businesswoman crossing finish line during race.
The value of your marketing dollar is much stronger if your advertising is coming from a single voice. At HenkinSchultz, we don’t just focus on branding for your company – we strive, in everything we do, to always be championing your brand. Championing your brand properly means that all aspects of your marketing across all platforms should be speaking with a strong, clear and consistent voice. Your digital strategy or your traditional media strategy should not be separate entities, created by separate people – they should be different elements of your overall marketing strategy or they’re not going to be as effective as they could be. Our account executives, graphic designers, digital strategists, copywriters and video production artists are in constant communication about each of our projects. Championing your brand comes from this foundation of continuity. Our left hand is always aware of what our right hand is doing – in fact, they’re helping each other create and make a stronger message. We make sure every part of your marketing strategy is maximizing impact on the platform it was created for – and that the content put out on that platform aligns perfectly with your overall strategy. Any agency can create a logo and a media plan. We know it takes more to break through the clutter. We take a holistic approach to your marketing – we’re constantly making sure all parts of a campaign are on the same page and sending a consistent message. That’s called championing your brand – and it’s been proven over 25 successful years to rack up win after win for our clients.