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River Centre branch Vision & Values signage

Signage Completes the Look at New American Bank & Trust Branch

By | Branding, Creativity, Design

When South Dakota’s American Bank & Trust announced they were opening up a second Sioux Falls location, HenkinSchultz and the HS Sign Shop were happy to help make the downtown flagship branch look special with some unique art and signage. Our designers and the HS Sign Shop created a frosted glass accent wall that spoke to AB&T’s vision and values – this is the focal point for their space. In addition to signage, they also wanted some distinctive art for their walls. HenkinSchultz, along with Sioux Falls photographer Tom Dempster, photographed and supplied AB&T with some memorable pieces. Another important…

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Lacey Cink

Lacey Cink Joins The HS Team… For The Summer

By | In Other News

Lacey Cink has joined the HS team as our copywriting intern. As with every new arrival, we find joy in torturing new recruits with a long list of questions and a photoshoot to reveal personality, deep dark secrets, and the really important stuff… what type of food they are likely to bring to the next pot luck. So far, Lacey seems like a keeper… but then again, we haven’t tried her brussels sprouts yet, so the jury is still out. 1 – what is your major? My major is Journalism, with a minor in Sarcasm. 2 – why have you chosen…

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Faini Designs

Faini Designs Jewelry Studio

By | Branding, In Other News

Every love story begins with a moment. The HenkinSchultz video production team was able to capture a special moment that turned into a memorable television spot that was perfectly aligned with Faini’s overall marketing strategy. “Here for all your moments” featured a real South Dakota couple telling the story of their engagement and how helpful the Faini staff was in making this occasion a special one. Nic Faini, Sales & Marketing Manager at Faini Designs Jewelry Studio, was thrilled with how the “Here for all your moments” spot turned out. “It’s the most impactful TV ad we’ve ever run,” said…

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Happy businesswoman crossing finish line during race.

Championing Your Brand

By | Branding

The value of your marketing dollar is much stronger if your advertising is coming from a single voice. At HenkinSchultz, we don’t just focus on branding for your company – we strive, in everything we do, to always be championing your brand. Championing your brand properly means that all aspects of your marketing across all platforms should be speaking with a strong, clear and consistent voice. Your digital strategy or your traditional media strategy should not be separate entities, created by separate people – they should be different elements of your overall marketing strategy or they’re not going to be…

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