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Effective Marketing Appeals to our Emotions

woman's face crying
This year’s Super Bowl ads featured an overarching theme that was more focused on emotion-driven storytelling than in previous years. When you’re paying $5 million for a thirty-second spot, you expect results. And emotional appeals deliver. From Budweiser’s controversial “Born The Hard Way” ad – the story of the founder of the brewery’s journey to America to pursue his dreams – to 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins,” emotional messages proved to spark social media interest and inspire traditional media coverage. Heartfelt spots that emphasize substance over style speak to why we care in the first place. A story with an emotional core resonates more strongly with consumers, and in an oversaturated media environment any edge you can get is an important one. Is your brand effectively using emotion to reach your marketing objectives? As we demonstrated in the SME Bernie DeWald tribute video, HenkinSchultz excels at eliciting emotion through our campaigns and video production work. If your brand needs to improve at wearing its heart on its sleeve, or on earning those little hearts on social media, let HenkinSchultz help you make an emotional connection with your audience. At HenkinSchultz, our facilities, technological capabilities and expertise make sure the only drama involved in production is on-screen. Whether it’s an in-studio shoot or a session using our drone or 360 camera, we’re ready to put your emotion in motion. When you’re having video content produced, it’s important to know that you’re in safe hands, and that the magic moment will be properly captured and communicated. We never let the production process itself get in the way of a real, emotional moment, and we put it to its most effective possible use, whether it’s in service to your brand or our community.