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The Art of Marketing

By February 28, 2017March 6th, 2017Marketing
The art of marketing thank you cards
As artists, writers and creators, many of us grew up sketching or writing stories – lost in thought dreaming and scheming about all the things we could create. It is with this same playful daydreaming spirit that we arrive to work everyday. Our ambition is to turn the playful art we create into something that works for our clients. Art is subjective; marketing isn’t. Every project has a goal – a desired outcome. Commercial design is meant to reach that desired outcome. Knowing how to tell our client’s story is critical. But, most importantly, knowing why that story matters is what separates us. If the designs we create don’t convert, if it doesn’t further the brand, if it doesn’t help our clients then it – and we – did not succeed. Our clients pay us to do a job and that job is to help their business grow and succeed. We take that relationship very seriously. We can do fancy design. We have some of the best fancy designers in the region. But it means nothing if it doesn’t connect and compel the audience. Our greatest awards are Thank You cards from our clients and we proudly display them in our lobby. Turning around a rush job for a client so they have the print collateral they need for a trade show is delivering results. Promotion and coordination of an event which generated more revenue than previous years is our pat on the back. That is what Beyond Measure is all about. Creating effective messages, which look stunning and are designed to convert. That is how we measure success.