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Look at Marketing from a New Perspective with Drone Photography

By November 9, 2016Drone Photography
aerial photography

Drone photography is nothing new – but shooting amazing aerial footage of landscapes, live events, buildings and cityscapes from 400 ft. in the air has become much easier and more affordable with drone photography.

Why is this important? YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web – and there’s a reason for that. People relate to video. It engages all the senses, leaves a lasting impression, and keeps customers’ attention longer.

Aerial videography not only looks amazing and gets attention, but it is an unconventional way to breathe new life into your marketing content with footage people want to look at because it’s cool, interesting and provides a new way to tell your story.

For some industries, drone photography is a no-brainer. Construction companies, real estate developers and architects can all use drone photography to give prospects a fresh perspective of the work they do. But you may be surprised at the types of companies and organizations that have tapped into this trend to capture attention on their websites. Wedding venues, companies in the travel and tourism industry, golf courses and shopping centers can promote what they do with beautiful and compelling aerial footage.

Here’s why you should consider using aerial photography on your site, no matter what business you’re in.

  1. Aerial photography is unconventional and catches the attention of viewers leaving a lasting impression.
  2. It helps your content stand out in the crowded social media and digital space.
  3. You can create stunning visual effects.
  4. It allows you to tell a new type of visual storytelling.
  5. Current technology makes it more affordable than ever before.
  6. Online video now accounts for 50% of mobile traffic.

With so many clients that could benefit from aerial video footage, HenkinSchultz invested in our own sUas (small Unmanned aircraft system) to help them tell their stories. Joey Schultz, our certified pilot, is thrilled to get out and shoot aerial video for our clients.

“With aerial photography, every shot is different and unique. And the new technology allows me to shoot high-quality 4K images from so many new perspectives,” he said.

Joey has spent a lot of time learning the skill it takes to make a drone video look great, and maybe more time learning the rules of the game so he could become certified.

Joey says certification is important because the FAA has specific guidelines about where you can fly a drone. Not only can pilots without the right training and certification get into trouble, but they can also cause some damage to people, buildings and property.

When operated by a skillful pilot, our Phantom 4 takes amazing video. It has an internal GPS that tells the aircraft where it should be and allows it to hover. The steady cam regulates the drone so the camera doesn’t shake and the video is smooth.

For a new perspective on content marketing, consider adding aerial photography to your content mix. Or call Joey – our expert on creating memorable videos that tell your unique story.