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Send a Big Message with Large Format Printing

By October 25, 2016October 27th, 2016Print, Tradeshows
Large format printing at Great Life

With so many new advertising opportunities available, it’s not always easy to squeeze room in your budget for more traditional options – like large format printing. The good news is, that using large format printing in untraditional ways may get you the results you’ve been trying to achieve when paired with strategic placement.

Large format printing has come a long way from a simple poster or banner, with better color options and more materials available on which to print – from paper and vinyl to canvas and a variety of fabrics. Evolving technology also means crisp, clear images and type, even when printing extra-large designs.

Large Format Printing Ideas:

• Tradeshow Exhibits
• Banners
• Retail Signage
• Promotional Signage
• Vehicle/Window Wrap
• Window Clings
• Magnetic Cling Decals
• Event Graphics
• Interior Design
• Photography

As the public increasingly expects a more personalized customer experience, large format printing allows businesses, especially in the retail sector, to create and print signs and banners fast, keeping them timely, relevant and personal. For example, when a store has a drawing or contest, they can announce the winner with a large in-store banner featuring the winner’s photo and a quote. And just like Publisher’s Clearing House, a large format printed “check” with the winner’s name can be delivered – great photo op, great public relations.

But beyond the banner or sign, large format printing can be used to create interest and get attention with in-store displays and high-impact event signage and banners.

According to Jason Jellis, HenkinSchultz’s resident expert on large format printing, “to get the biggest impact, do more than make a large poster or sign. Layer different sizes, shapes and color to create dimension and interest – and make a big impression.”

One more use of large format printing – custom interior design. Don’t pick office art from a catalog, be inspired by your own mission, vision and goals and create artwork that reflects your brand. You can create artwork that reinforces who you are, not only to your customers and colleagues, but to your employees.

There are big benefits to using large format printing:

• It’s customizable
• It’s a low-cost solution to interior design challenges
• It makes a big splash
• It’s ideal for short run projects
• New technology can make it interactive
• It’s versatile and long-lasting
• It’s quick to produce

At HenkinSchultz we have the creativity and the equipment to take your ideas and make them bigger and better than ever with large format printing. Call us to help create impact.

Check out some examples our large format printing below: