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HenkinSchultz Celebrates the Past, the Presence and the Future.

By September 1, 2016Community, Staff
This year, HenkinSchultz Creative Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1991 when the company was established, partners Joe Henkin and Kirby Schultz have been committed to presence – delivered with strategic, artfully executed creative to select clients that share their vision. And though technology in the world of marketing has changed, the creative energy behind great marketing is the same as it’s always been. It starts with an idea. Over the years Joe and Kirby have consistently hired thinkers – smart creative talent passionate about turning ideas into something that changes people. And about seeing clients succeed. No matter what his or her job title or particular skill, everybody on the HenkinSchultz team is a problem solver. Together, the designers, writers, developers, producers and account staff listen, think and create the best solution for our customers. It isn’t until an idea is solid that they start to pull all of the pieces together to make something awesome. Maybe Joe and Kirby always knew that when you put together a great team committed to clients good things happen, but the lessons learned over the last 25 years have helped keep the company strong, and have a positive impact for our clients every day. We’ve learned that the why is more important than the how. Talent tells you how, but experience tells you why. Because we’ve been serving Sioux Falls and South Dakota for 25 years, we know the regional market. In fact, we’ve helped to build it, working with many organizations throughout the area to develop and support their brands and their events. Our experience has helped us develop efficiencies that save our customers money and time. Our discovery process for instance. It gets right to the heart of a marketing challenge and informs the solution. Over the last 25 years we have had the pleasure of building relationships that help us get things done, and help us help our clients make beneficial connections. And we’ve learned that every project is an opportunity to do something wonderful. According to Kirby, “We put our heart into every project, and that’s why we do it better than anyone else.” At HenkinSchultz, on our birthday and every day, we consistently bring the presence. That hasn’t changed. You may have noticed the red, white and black billboards in Sioux Falls featuring our really big phone number. That’s the other thing that hasn’t changed in the last 25 years, because we think consistency matters. Great thinking still leads to great creative, but it all starts with listening. Call us and let’s talk. We’ll listen.