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As Social Media Tools Evolve, They Also Frustrate. HenkinSchultz Can Navigate.

By July 7, 2016June 1st, 2022Digital

As a user, you’ve seen it. One day your information is all in one place, the next day an icon or access has changed, or a function even eliminated. The never-ending evolution of social media platforms can be equally frustrating when it comes to using social media digital advertising tools.

Take Facebook for example.

As its advertising service has grown, we’ve all at some point grumbled and shaken a fist at the computer. Its 20% Rule has flustered the day of many advertisers, large and small. After rumors that it may be going away, users were surprised to know that it has officially been replaced with a murkier set of rules.

Ad images are now measured on a four-point spectrum: Okay, Low, Medium and High. Facebook reviews the image and places it into one of the four categories. Here is the kicker – that category will determine your ad reach. Huh? If your ad has just a logo and fits into the Okay category, Facebook will serve that ad with higher priority than an ad that is full of text and flagged as High.

You will probably still spend your entire budget, but your impressions and reach will likely be lower than an ad with less text. The old rules were annoying but had defined parameters. The new Text Overlay tool will tell you where you fall on the spectrum, but the actual ratio of image to text isn’t defined. The new ones will likely evolve. And HenkinSchultz continues to monitor them.

The major takeaway as we see it: beautifully designed images and strategic targeting are still the ultimate goal. Just because we are now allowed to include more text doesn’t mean we should. Well-designed ads still have a higher engagement than poorly designed ones. Targeting ads to the wrong people will still result in low relevance.

Start off with a solid plan, the right target demographic, and professionally designed images, and your Facebook advertising will continue to give you results (until Facebook changes the algorithm again… but we’ll save that for another blog post).


Understanding the constant evolution of social media platforms and digital placement is just one of the things HenkinSchultz does for digital clients. It is a round-the-clock job to get you across-the-board results. And when it comes to digital rules, we’ve got your back.

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