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Life is Better Together

By February 10, 2016Design, Marketing
Throughout its history, LSS has been able to bring people together to make life better. With its newest program, Better Together, they hope to match up older adults with volunteers in the Sioux Falls area to build social relationships, provide new friendships and enrich the lives of older residents. By the end of September 2016, LSS hopes to recruit 40 volunteers to commit to spending just four hours a month with a senior “neighbor” and experience the power that just four hours of their time can have on the life another human being. As a marketing partner, HenkinSchultz has been working with LSS to create strategies, design marketing materials and to develop ways to reach out to the community to help LSS meet its goal. In the end, Better Together will make our community a little bit friendlier for seniors. This project – like most marketing efforts – depends on collaboration. HenkinSchultz is geared to work collaboratively, with multiple people coming together to reach one common goal – the goal of our client. Like LSS, we make things better, together.