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New Years Resolutions In 5 Words

By January 2, 2016April 12th, 2016Staff


With weddings in the works, babies on the way and lots to create, everyone at HenkinSchultz is looking forward to a stellar 2016. And we have the 5-words-or-less resolutions to make it that way. Kirby – Eat a lot more food. Joe – Slow down. Listen better. Emily – Family, Sleep, Volunteer, Church, Travel. Jessa – Always blessings. Never losses. Melissa C – Clean eating and body strength. Patti – Organize time better. Jason – Try something new. Becka – Stress less. Enjoy more. Mark – Keep in touch with friends. Mike – Enjoy life even more. Alex – Learn a new language. Jaci – Get married & be merry. Joey – Stop eating so many donuts. Paul – Give more than I get. Andi – Love thy neighbor. Lynell – Love more. Fear less. Melissa R – Find joy and inspiration everywhere. Toby – One selfless deed a day. Melissa D – Bring dog to work more. Jeremy – Wake up earlier. Tammy – No resolutions for me.