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August 2015


6 Tips for Making Business Personal

If you’re like most people, it’s been a long time since you called your bank and an actual person said hello and was ready to help you. With the virtual extinction of the local grocery store, chances are good you don’t know the butcher’s wife and kids who didn’t go to school with your kids. And it’s likely that you don’t really know the guy that works on your car, your pipes, or your air conditioner. In a world that’s becoming ever more impersonal, that rare moment when you make a real connection with a real person seems remarkable. Want…
August 19, 2015

Who is Protecting Your Brand?

A brand means many things. It can be a name you recognize instantly or the way your customers feel about you. It can be a stunning design and a message about who you are at your core. With so much invested in your business and brand, it’s extremely important to protect both. Simple things like a great logo and consistency in the use, appearance, color and tone of your marketing materials make a big difference in breaking through the clutter of the competition. Your brand should not only be recognized, it should be repeated, respected and give your clients a…
August 4, 2015