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Exceptional Customer Service – It’s in our Roots.

By July 21, 2015August 14th, 2015Leadership, Service
Roots make a difference. At least that’s what HenkinSchultz partner, Joe Henkin, attributes to his business philosophy – one he shares and passes on to the marketing team at HenkinSchultz. “Part of my family’s culture is to volunteer and help people,” he said. It’s not surprising that helping people solve marketing challenges has become Joe’s life’s work, not only at the company he started with Kirby Schultz in 1991, but in the community. Since the time Joe was a kid, he understood media exposure. His father started KSOO in Sioux Falls in 1959, and by the time Joe was nine, he was on the set as the Bozoville Deputy Sheriff while Bozo the Clown aired. Over the years he ran camera at the station, built sets, produced slides and pitched in wherever needed. Joe became interested in art during middle school, and when he went off to college he picked art as his major, but after four years, ended up with a degree in business from Southern Methodist University. He began his career in retail, but life came full circle and he found himself once again in broadcasting in Kansas City. According to Joe, “Surely, being aware of the media at an early stage influenced where I am today. I never thought I’d end up where I am.” It was an old high school friendship with partner Kirby Schultz that led him to start what has become a successful creative services company with a 24-year legacy, HenkinSchultz. “Kirby said, ‘Maybe we should do something together.’ I said, ‘We would make a good team.’” Together, these very complimentary business partners continue to make good teams – of creators, problem solvers and reps that help clients rise above their marketing challenges and be successful. Drawing on his past, Joe brings his commitment to helping people and serving the community to work every day. And it’s the way everyone at HenkinSchultz approaches service. “We have a great team of listeners, thinkers and producers with different talents, different ages and different experiences. And they all treat each other and our clients with respect, honesty and professionalism.” Joe’s roots, and the commitment to service he’s cultivated at HenkinSchultz make a difference for our clients every day, and what he’s planted, will continue to grow into the future. And our clients, they reap the rewards.