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6 ways to put your signature on event marketing

By July 7, 2015Marketing
It’s a brave new world when it comes to event marketing. We’ve come a long way from sending invitations and emailing announcements, and access to technology is the reason. At HenkinSchultz, we believe event marketing should be big, innovative and relevant to make an impact. For us, event marketing means making a statement with a mix of traditional marketing and capitalizing on the reach of digital media. The following six recommendations will help you make an impact with your event marketing.
  • Define your message – Who are you? What’s your goal? Why does it matter? If you can answer these three questions with clarity, you’re on your way to drawing a crowd to your big event.
  • Make it good – This is where creative ideas come in. Ask your team to brainstorm ideas until you have the right marketing message and images. If you have a talented creative team, let them push the boundaries. If not, call in the experts to create and provide materials to the media. Your image is at stake here. Be sure it reflects your brand in a positive way.
  • Be consistent – No matter what media you choose, be sure your message and design are in line – no exceptions. With a little thought, you can create images and words that work online, on a billboard, in an e-blast and on the radio. With a well-defined message (see #1) and preplanning, you can adapt and attract.
  • Be social – Ninety percent of American adults own a cell phone and 42 percent of Americans own a tablet – and they’re connected. People use their electronics to find information, look up event details and decide where they want to go for entertainment. Social media is a low-cost way to be sure you’re there when they’re looking for you.
  • Invite interaction – Everyone wants to be a part of something cool. Make your event cool, relevant, and ask participants to chime in with their own photos, opinions and reviews. The key word is ask. It’s likely that in today’s world, you’re going to get some play on social media, but if you ask people to play, it creates goodwill and relationships that last way past the end of your event.
  • Say thanks – Always. Participants at any event want to know that you appreciate their support and you hope they had fun. So when the lights dim and the music stops, be sure you follow up.
At HenkinSchultz Creative Services in Sioux Falls, we’ve been creating memorable events and marketing campaigns for more than two decades. Bring us your ideas and your goals and we’ll make sure people show up. They’ll want to.