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The High Price of Free Web Design

By May 13, 2015January 10th, 2019Website Design

Do a Google Search and you’ll find a lot of professionals – individuals and companies – that are willing to provide you with cheap web design services. In fact, look a little further and you can surely find one to build your site for FREE! Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse – but you probably should.

Unfortunately, free comes at a price that includes hidden costs, cookie-cutter design and impersonal content that could work – or fail – for any company in any business anywhere in the world by swapping out a few stock images and a word here and there.

Building an effective website means your digital team has thoroughly examined three key considerations: content, design and functionality.

Content – Content is what connects your customers and prospects to your products and services. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the copy relevant to my customers? Prospects?
  • Is the copy well written and web-friendly?
  • Does the copy contain key words to help people find me online?
  • Are the graphic elements – photos and images – a true reflection of my business?
  • Are the photos high quality and impactful?
  • Does all content relate to the goals of my website and business?
  • Does the content invite people to interact with me?

Design – Design is the way the site looks and feels. Ask yourself:

  • Does the color scheme and style match my branding?
  • Does the web design serve the website’s purpose?
  • Does this website speak to the right target market?
  • Is the website navigation easy to identify?
  • Is the call to action obvious and easy to find?
  • Does the web design point the user in the right direction to find key information?
  • Does the website clearly identify social sharing links?

Functionality – Functionality is the way your website performs. Simplicity is key. Ask yourself:

  • Is this site mobile-friendly?
  • Does it provide tools for data analysis?
  • Do the links work?
  • Does the website make it easy to contact you?
  • Is the website easy to use? Navigate?
  • Is it responsive and adaptive?
  • Can you update content easily and quickly?

At HenkinSchultz, we ask the right questions before we build your website. Our team of creatives can not only make your website look pretty, but can ensure it helps you achieve your goals, delivers value-added and relevant content and works like a charm on any device and any browser. Since we understand marketing, we make sure your website is a reflection of your brand and aligns with your business strategy.

There’s a big difference between price and cost. Don’t let a low price website cost you money, customers, and ultimately, your success.

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