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Team Building – 7 Tips To Help You Hire the Right People

By April 15, 2015August 16th, 2016Branding, Hiring, Jobs, Leadership
You’ve been there. Hours of reading through unremarkable resumes. Grueling interviews where canned answers are the response du jour. There’s got to be a better way to find the right person for the job. While there is no easy way to fill an open position, finding the right person for the job can have a huge impact on your company in more ways than you think. The wrong hiring decisions can affect your bottom line, employee morale and productivity and can result in customer dissatisfaction, lost sales and delivering lower caliber products. The people that represent your company are an important part of your brand, albeit in a more subtle way than your logo or marketing campaign. The following tips will help you fill an open position with more confidence – and better results.
    1. Never Stop Searching
This sounds daunting, but it’s simple. Keep your eyes, ears and possibilities open. Look at every resume that crosses your desk whether you have a position open or not. Those that show up when you haven’t advertised are likely interested specifically in your company. Schedule a meeting and determine if their talent, skills and attitude are a match. Be honest if you don’t have a position right now, but are interested in keeping credentials on hand when a position opens. Doing the footwork when the opportunity presents itself may pay off with a great hire in your back pocket.
    1. Pay Attention to Resume Details
The resume is the initial contact you have with a candidate. Did the applicant take the time to personalize his resume or cover letter? Did she address you? Or a generic potential employer? A good prospect wants to work for YOU. And this initial presentation will tell you that.
    1. Avoid Culture Clash
Be sure you have a good understanding of your company culture. Are you collaborative or do your people work more independently? Is the environment lighthearted or serious? Are decisions made with a consensus? Is there a strict hierarchy or a more lateral workflow? Take the time during the interview to ask situational questions that specifically speak to culture. The right culture stimulates growth and improves productivity for your team.
    1. Don’t Compromise on Must-have Qualities
Know the essential skills required for the open position when reviewing resumes and pull out those that don’t pass muster. Even an enthusiastic candidate with the best attitude won’t work out if his skillset doesn’t match the job description. A great attitude doesn’t make up for essential skills.
    1. Prepare for Interviews
Have a set of questions ready that require more than canned answers recommended by Internet job search sources. Set up real-world scenarios based on core values and ask candidates how they would respond. Ask candidates about challenges they’ve faced in previous jobs and how they handled them. You only get relevant answers when you ask relevant questions.
    1. Follow Up
Unfortunately, not everyone who sends you a resume is honest. To get a true representation, check social media profiles and call references. If you’re still not sure, trust your instincts. There may be a reason you haven’t made an offer. A recent CareerBuilder survey of 2,000 managers found that 58% spotted exaggerations or outright fabrications on resumes.
    1. Be the tortoise
Take your time to make a choice and decide with confidence. Slow and steady wins the race. At HenkinSchultz you’ll meet a team of collaborative creatives who contribute their unique skills and talents to every project. But it’s the way they think that makes them the right fit at HenkinSchultz. We’re always looking for people that share our cultural values and think it’s fun to make awesome marketing. If you think you might be a good fit, give us a call.