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Add Impact to Your Marketing: Adopt a Cause

By March 3, 2015August 16th, 2016Branding, Campaign, Charity, Marketing, Service
As a socially conscious company, you’ve adopted a social mission and donate annually to a cause that reflects your corporate mission and vision. You create awareness with your staff and encourage them to participate in fundraisers. You really are the good guys. What more can you do?

Tell people.

Promoting the fact that you are a socially responsible company almost ensures a positive ROI, as long as you choose a cause that is important to your target market. Capitalizing on the good you do is just good marketing strategy.

But how?

  1. Adopt a cause. If you haven’t chosen a social issue to support, there’s no better time to get started. Ask your staff for recommendations based on causes that are close to their hearts or choose a cause that reflects your business. If you’re a grocer, support a food giveaway program for the less fortunate. If you’re a law firm specializing in family law, get involved in stopping domestic violence.
  2. Sponsor an event. Provide volunteers, donate signage or man the door. This provides exposure for your company and solidifies your brand image as socially conscious.
  3. Speak out. As an expert in the field, make a presentation during an event relevant to your customers and industry. This is a good way to make new contacts as well as position your company as knowledgeable and involved.
  4. Provide information. You have the inside scoop on topics relevant to your industry. Don’t let all that expertise go to waste. Write informative articles, eBooks or white papers to share what you know.
  5. Take advantage of promotional holidays. If you’re in the medical profession, choose a cause such as colon cancer awareness and run an ad campaign in March to coincide with Colon Cancer Awareness month – like Midwest Family Care Digestive Health’s Belly Laugh campaign. This makes your advertising dollars go further by increasing awareness of the cause – and your company.
Today’s savvy consumers prefer to do business with companies that stand for something and make a positive impact in the community. The prevalence of social media gives you low-cost options for opting in and spreading the word. There are plenty of social causes waiting for support. At HenkinSchultz, we can help you find one that not only increases the reach of your marketing efforts, but also gives you the satisfaction of doing something that makes a difference.