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6 Ways to Capitalize on Social Media at Tradeshows

When it comes to marketing your brand, tradeshows offer huge opportunities to generate leads, build brands and increase awareness. The right booth, the right message, the right stuff to give away and the right people to create buzz all add up to tradeshow success. But in today’s world, marketers have an even bigger opportunity to extend their tradeshow efforts into the digital world. Preparation and follow up are really important, according to HenkinSchultz Digital Marketing Manager Shane Speck. “Make sure your website is up to date and mobile-friendly. Use social media to support your tradeshow marketing efforts to extend the reach of the booth. Find creative ways to draw prospects to your booth and to share your message within channels that make sense for your brand,” said Shane. The following are a few quick and easy ways to expand your tradeshow efforts:
  1. Tweet early. Tweet often. – Let people know you’re at the show and why they should stop by.
  2. Post the action. – Post video of people at your booth or employees talking about your products or the cool things you do.
  3. Share and share again. – If you’re making a presentation at the show, be sure to video it, then use it during and after the show to get extra mileage from all your hard work.
  4. Give something away. – And tell people how they can get their hands on your (great) stuff.
  5. Happy landing. – Create a special website landing page for the show that directs customers to your booth, and be sure to list the schedule of booth events.
  6. Make it personal. – Post feel-good stories from customers who love you during the show. They’ll be happy to share it and act as an ambassador for your brand.
In the end, your goal is to be remembered. From the presentation in your booth to the engagement with your customers on the show floor, and the social buzz to your web presence, everything you do during your show should be focused on meeting your goals. When it comes to tradeshow strategy, it’s worth sharing. Let’s talk.