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Simply The Best

By October 20, 2014August 16th, 2016Ad of the Week
Picture this. You’re in your car, on cloud 9, blaring your favorite song on full blast. The windows are down, the wind on your face and you’re flying through the intersection because all that matters is the music and you. It’s like you ARE Beyonce on the final key change of “Love on Top” at the 2012 VMAs, and the whole world is watching with their jaws dropped. You know that feeling. Yeah? Well, so does this goat. Here’s why we think this is a great ad: 1. It’s funny – It’s a goat, singing an 80s rock ballad. That’s hilarious. 2. It’s relatable – Guilty of excessive volume, hand actions and hard-core-into-it jam sessions while stopped at a stoplight. I sing and I think I’m good. People stare because I’m probably not as good and I think. It’s a way of life. 3. It’s simple – The concept is strong; there’s a point. The goat made the cheese. The cheese is good. The goat knows it’s good. The goat is ecstatic. The tagline, “It’s easy to think highly of yourself, when you make such good cheese,” uses humor in this ad to focus on this Norwegian product. It also takes the boastful edge off of what could have been a very self-ingratiating spot. Well played, TINE. Well played. The hardest part about selling a product is getting people to buy into what your brand will say about them if they do. Finding that one simple, feel-good fact that makes people want to be associated with you is key to finding success though your campaign. People don’t want to “buy cheese” – they want to be associated with great products and companies whom they relate to.