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Making Space for Creativity

By October 14, 2014Community, Design, Service

Hey, you’re out of bounds

One of the biggest challenges for marketers everywhere is boundaries. Whether you’re designing a print ad, a billboard or a tradeshow booth, boundaries are every place – except one. There’s one space where you can let yourself go out of bounds. It’s your creativity. Ideas have no budget, no screen resolution and no space to consider. Unfortunately, too many formulas and rules have led us into complacency. We see limits instead of possibilities. The trick is perspective. To be creative, it’s essential to see endless possibilities. Little ideas are hard to scale up, but once you have a great idea or concept, it’s easy to pull it back to fit within the boundaries. With a little finesse, skill and patience, the core still shines through. So how do you get there? Try these tips. 1. Do stuff. Thinking is overrated and leaves you stuck in your head. Exposure to more things broadens your experiences and opens up room for new ideas. 2. Become an observer. We often get so wrapped up in our own world and challenges that we don’t see what’s right in front of our face. When we pay attention to what’s going on as we drive to work, make dinner, watch children play, our senses are heightened and sharpened. This is one key way to stay on your creative game. 3. Seek knowledge. Okay, it might sound a little lofty, but the more you know, the wider your creative horizons. Read. Ask questions. Talk to experts. Sometimes one little fact can be the catalyst for awesome. 4. Don’t go it alone. While an idea may start in your head, massaging the idea with other creative people can help you expand the idea and give it new dimensions you may never have considered. 5. Step away. If you have a great idea, let it sit for a day or two. Little light bulbs are likely to flash when you let your brain rest. While consciously you’re working on another marketing project or fixing the washing machine, your subconscious mind is still problem solving. We recently worked on designing the interior space for the Thomas A. Daschle Congressional Research Study at the Briggs Library at South Dakota State University. With more than 50’ feet of space to play with, we were beside ourselves with the possibilities. With a little distance and a little discussion, the ideas grew until they fit perfectly. We love it when that happens. While boundaries are just a part of the job, give yourself a little creative elbow room. If you’re still stuck, we can help. To us, the world us loaded with creative possibilities. We like to push the boundaries.