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October 2014


Talking the Talk

Hello? Is anybody out there? If you’re having trouble connecting with your prospects and customers, it may be time to take a critical look at your content. The goal of a message is not about what is being said – but about what is heard. Say all you want – scream in ALL CAPS on a digital video board for all we care – but if you’re not speaking the language of your market, your money is wasted. The way to accomplish understanding is to know how your consumers think and access information. Use that knowledge to shape your message…
October 29, 2014
Public Relations

Why Public Relations is Like a Second Date

It’s a jungle out there. People everywhere are looking for the right match. It is no longer enough to have a good product or offer a great service; consumers today want long-term, meaningful relationships – not one-night stands. Think of your ad campaign as a first date. You make sure you look good, have something interesting to say and can offer something that “others” can’t. If that first date is a hit, prospects want more. That’s where public relations comes in. Public relations allows your customers to get to know you better. To be effective, your communications plan should include…
October 28, 2014
Ad of the Week

Simply The Best

Picture this. You’re in your car, on cloud 9, blaring your favorite song on full blast. The windows are down, the wind on your face and you’re flying through the intersection because all that matters is the music and you. It’s like you ARE Beyonce on the final key change of “Love on Top” at the 2012 VMAs, and the whole world is watching with their jaws dropped. You know that feeling. Yeah? Well, so does this goat. Here’s why we think this is a great ad: 1. It’s funny – It’s a goat, singing an 80s rock ballad. That’s…
October 20, 2014

Making Space for Creativity

Hey, you’re out of bounds One of the biggest challenges for marketers everywhere is boundaries. Whether you’re designing a print ad, a billboard or a tradeshow booth, boundaries are every place – except one. There’s one space where you can let yourself go out of bounds. It’s your creativity. Ideas have no budget, no screen resolution and no space to consider. Unfortunately, too many formulas and rules have led us into complacency. We see limits instead of possibilities. The trick is perspective. To be creative, it’s essential to see endless possibilities. Little ideas are hard to scale up, but once…
October 14, 2014