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Some Pooch in a Pre-Roll

By August 8, 2014August 16th, 2016Video
Did you do it? Did you click to skip this ad? Did you choose to crush a million female hearts that continually suffer from puppy-fever on a daily basis?!! This pre-roll was selected as Ad of the Week because of the fantastic viewer response. The goal of Nail Communications, an agency in Providence, R.I., was to create a pre-roll ad that virtually no one would skip, and as it turns out, the mission could not be accomplished. BUT they did end up with a 26 percent viewer response rate, which is crazy good considering 94 percent of viewers skip pre-roll ads the exact moment the option is available. Woof! All I can say is that there must be a ton of puppy-lovers out there who couldn’t handle the thought of shocking the pooch. But why was that?… It’s just an ad. Yes, it is. It’s a creative ad; it’s an ad that viewers emotionally connected with. It was also presented in an approach that caught viewers off guard; it interests them. Nail Communications was able to fight through the clutter of other pre-roll ads, banners, pop-ups, etc. because they brought something new to the viewers attention and then partnered it with a cause that the viewer personally connected with. So now, not only did the viewer save the poor lab in the ad, or a couple other dogs associated with the ASPCA, but now they also know that Nail Communications saves dogs; therefore Nail Communications is a organization who cares and their services will reflect that.