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Guts. Glory.

By August 25, 2014August 16th, 2016Marketing
This week’s AOTW is a flashback to one of the greatest Super Bowl ads of 2013 in honor of the coming harvest season. The emotional appeal of this ad captures the attention of viewers through the element of surprise. Everyone expects Super Bowl ads to be funny, however, when a strong, touching ad is thrown in the mix of the gut busters, the results are noticeable; laughter fades, talking minimizes and attention focuses. Using strong photography and slight movement animation, viewers experience wholesome feelings that build throughout the length of the ad. The feeling comes full circle with Ram’s tagline Guts.Glory. This ad is an example of how humbling advertising can be and how it can emotionally shape our thoughts and perceptions of product. The ad stands out from the clutter and gets the heart of the viewer with a strong, simple and impactful message.