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Got Milk?

By August 29, 2014August 16th, 2016Marketing
Forget the Wheaties. If you want to be a success, drink your milk! To transform your future self from bum to athlete, start with a glass of milk. Milk is not only important for a children’s diets, but also to California’s economy, which has seen a decrease in milk sales after the famous “got milk?” campaign ended. But all is right this week because Goodby, Silverstein & Partners are back with the ever-famous campaign! Our Ad of the week is called “Champion” and uses the simple – and now classic – tagline for the California Milk Processor Board. The ad effectively ties humor to its message and hits its intended targeted audience. The final scene where the mother is piling milk into the cart is flat-out hilarious. With that being said, make sure you “got milk” if you plan to win the race, become a macho athlete, or just want to please your mom.