#Underwaterselfie | HenkinSchultz


By July 25, 2014 August 16th, 2016 Video
How far would you go to get the latest products in technology? Would you try to fit an entire roll of Ritz crackers in your mouth? Would you run a mile in a hamster wheel? Would you jump into a 46° lake just to get a free phone? Well, this week’s edition of Ad of the Week provides the answer: Yes. Yes you would indeed do those things. As part of an integrated communications agency, this campaign, #underwaterselfie, truly fascinates me because it shows how Samsung pushes the boundaries of advertising by directly reaching the target market through a face-to-face connection. People seem willing and eager to try out the product due to their own curiosity. Today’s world expects advertising. They know it pays for their free music, websites and even some events. They have grown up with it and constantly have their guard up against getting scammed or given a bad deal. That’s why today’s advertising industry is making the transition from persuasion to interaction. It again all goes back to people. Instead of convincing people they need your products, it’s all about creating content, products and brands that people choose to interact with. It’s not about making an ad solely to inform people about your brand; it’s about creating an experience of your brand that people choose to engage with. So get creative, interesting and into it you never know what somebody might attempt just to get their hands on one of your products!