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One-And-Done Marketing: Don’t Forget to Mow the Grass

By July 8, 2014August 16th, 2016Marketing
We’ve all heard it before, marketing is everything. So why is it so hard to carve out the time to be sure everything is on track? Here’s where we tell you why. Time. We understand the overwhelming, brain-busting, toll-taking lack of time left at the end of your nine-hour day. Busy is a good thing though, right? Busy usually means you have people buying what you’re selling. And it’s hard to take care of your own backyard while you are busy taking care of the clients’. Your grass is growing a little too long and the hedges need trimming, but hey, you’re making money. Besides, you have a good marketing campaign in place. Here’s the important piece. If you want to stay busy, you’re going to have to cut the grass. You’ve got a great foundation, but how do you continue the momentum? This is the part where most brands fail, the follow through. Marketing your business is not a one-and-done kind of thing. Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. From the people that answer the phone to the direct mail piece that you send our quarterly, marketing is everything. Here’s where we tell you how to keep the momentum rolling.
  • Culture:  Having the right people represent your company is a huge part of your future success. These people are the face of everything you stand for. When hiring people make sure they are in alignment with your strategy, goals, mission and vision.
  • Spread the love:  A campaign can go across all platforms. It doesn’t need to stick to traditional or digital. Spread the message across all mediums for maximum results. Remember the more people see, hear and experience your message, the more likely they are to remember it.
  • Listen and adjust accordingly:  Listen to your customers. With the digital age encouraging reviews and a demand for increased communication, you will lose loyalty and clients if you don’t listen and pay attention. Once you can address the issue or misunderstanding, you can adjust accordingly. Word of mouth is still the best and worst form of advertising.
We understand how busy business can be. Maybe it’s time to call HenkinSchultz to maintain your marketing while you’re taking care of customers. Then you can sit back and enjoy your own beautiful backyard.