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Haters Gonna Hate

By July 18, 2014August 24th, 2016Advertising
Now days, when I have a bad experience with a brand or company personnel, I probably won’t let them know face-to-face. I miiight roll my eyes or shake my head (#smh), but more than likely I will walk away with a simple smirk and immediately open my Twitter account to rip em’ apart in 140 characters or less. I can admit this honestly because I know I’m not the only one who has done it. Hate tweets are popping up more and more on my twitter feed, and more and more in brand’s Twitter notifications. I’d now like to make a shout out to one of the biggest hate tweet receivers: airline companies. This week’s AOTW is brought to you by Spirit Airlines. Their latest campaign titled HATE is a personal favorite of mine because you got funny videos, popular shared media and brilliant guerilla marketing. Bing. Bang. Boom. The best B’s to capture millennials’ attention. Here’s why it works: Bing: Spirit found why they were getting so much hate mail (millennials felt like they were getting ripped off) Bang: Their concept was humorous and also responded to all the accusations (millennials approved of their honesty about pricing and hate tweets are funny) Boom: They placed their deliverables online and in fields and let people do the talking. (millennials were never sold anything they got the facts, it’s now their idea to buy flights from Spirit and their idea to share how to do it through social media)