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Your Click Counts

By July 3, 2014August 16th, 2016Video
As we immerse into a busy world focused on getting the most ‘likes’, this week’s AOTW brings creativity to social media. Digital advertising is now significant in our industry because people want quick, simple, and instant info. Advertisers know the direct impact of their message based on tracking impressions, likes, and which consumers are causing commotion from their content, but sometimes they struggle to decipher what each number truly represents. Mike’s Hard Lemonade took a step back from the ‘liking’ phenomenon and looked at why they got one million confirmed thumbs ups for their business. The answer: people. Mike’s Hard Lemonade capitalized on this concept and developed the Thanks a Million campaign to show how much each person who saw their message means to their business. In fact, their dedication to consumers led the company to change it’s name to Paul’s Lemonade for 24-hours, to honor Paul Siano (the one-millionth like) for his support and approval of their business. After all, he is the reason they’re able to continue what they do. People are the reason. People are the success. Cheers!