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By July 11, 2014August 16th, 2016Video
Beating your old man in a game of hoops might have been one of your favorite pastimes growing up. You knew he might give you a challenge in a game of HORSE, however you were never worried about your juke-step-tray-ball or being beat off the dribble. Now a day, however, you might want to consider a little practice before you accept a friendly game of basketball. According to this week’s AOTW, the skill level of older men has changed. Centrum, a vitamin company, hired Leo Burnett to produce an ad that showed older men exhibiting great health. Burnett found their guys in Goats Park, Harlem, New York. Their team consisted of male athletes all over the age of 50 who showed a passion for basketball and played daily. Burnett then set up a game to have their older team challenge a team of 20-something-year-olds. After watching this ad, you’ll see that the old men prove their game is still rockin’. It’s amazing to me that this ad gathered more than one million views online because it takes a little over three minutes to watch, but Burnett found an interesting topic that kept viewers attention and built excitement, while also demonstrating the main concept of Centrum’s product. It’s interesting to see how breaking the rules of advertising (short ads, shorter ads, shortest ads!) can spark a lasting reaction when done properly. So next time you go home and your dad wants to show you his knew court skills, you might want to make sure you’re ready to sweat.