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How Ad Agencies Turn Concepts Into Reality

By July 23, 2014August 16th, 2016Advertising
In the advertising industry it seems as if a concept turning into a reality is just part of the job. Which it is, to some extent, but when you do it everyday you can sometimes lose sight of exactly how cool and magical the process of turning a concept into a reality really is. Some people may be wondering, how exactly does one create this magic? Talent? Organization? Experience? God given abilities? Well, it could be a little dash of all those things. In reality it is process, hard work and starting with a strong foundation. Most concepts start out with that ah-ha! moment. You know, that weird moment when you are thinking about what you are going to make for dinner or when you are half asleep thinking how you are going to solve the world’s pandemic that is Justin Bieber. Typically it’s a thought that springs into another more relevant thought. Or in our case, being surrounded by some of the most creative people this side of the Mississippi. We sit and brainstorm, have a chat/laugh and then the concept happens. The concept is the foundation of the process. Everything else flows from there. Now we move on to the how. How do we bring this concept to life? Then we look at what needs to be done in order for this idea to translate, resonate and activate people’s minds to want to buy. What good is an idea without a roadmap to success? This means coming up with a game plan that looks at budget,time frame and collateral materials. Then the real fun begins. The creation of the concept. The reality. That moment of creation and reality is what makes us love advertising and marketing so much. The finished product and of course the success of the campaigns that are sprung from the concepts. Us HenkinSchultz’s just get this sort of thing. Concepts can easily turn into reality if you have people that do it on a regular basis. Hence why we have loyal clients. Interested in seeing how your concepts can come to life? Give us a shout, we love to chat.