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Ad of the Week: Safety Dance 2K14

It brings me great joy to present to you the ad of the week this week! In honor of my travels to Nashville, I am excited to share one of my favorite viral digital ads that has no shame in putting some flare in the air! This past spring, Virgin America Airlines managed to spike the interest of 5.8 million YouTube viewers to watch airline safety. How did they do you this you ask? Well, they took the mostly boring, monotonous safety reading procedure that is required before every flight and turned it into an entertaining and very impressive song and dance number. They used 14 different dance styles that got you spinning, swaying, and wanting more. I will admit that this may have been the only time I have ever fully listened to all the safety procedures; therefore, I would like to make the claim that if our flight goes down on my trip, you can rest assured that I did everything correct at the time of an emergency. But wait no longer – check out this airline safety for yourself: Wasn’t that cool? This ad involved a total of 36 dancers, 26 hours of hard work on set, and one killer afro complemented by an amazingly deep voice. The video itself received more than 430,000 Facebook shares and 17,000 tweets all in less than two weeks of when it started running on YouTube. I’m not sure if there could be a better way to start my trip to Music City than being fully emerged into a safety procedure musical at 6 A.M. and now, because of Virgin America, I expect nothing less. Although, this comical flight attendants approach to modernizing boring protocol might also do: