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Ad of the Week: Banana Boat for Men

By June 13, 2014August 16th, 2016Advertising
The grass is mowed, the golf polo is purchased and the steaks are seasoned. The only thing my dad is waiting on now is his kids’ arrival. He’s already got the weekend’s itinerary planned and packed full of his favorite activities. My dad has always been an outdoor enthusiast, however, like most dads, applying sunscreen isn’t the top thing on his mind when he’s outside enjoying some sunshine and cold beer. It typically takes a little reminder from someone, maybe a friend that has recently burnt to a crisp or my mother’s sunburn consequence reminders to get him to apply the lotion. It’s like protecting your skin from harmful sun rays revokes some sort of man-card from him. Things have changed this year – Banana Boat for Men’s campaign has restored manliness to sunscreen. They have designed several television spots that dads can relate to by using enticing words such as ‘nap’ and ‘bacon’. I can see my dad in all three of these scenarios, and because of that I’m convinced Banana Boat for Men will be included in his gift this year, just so on Sunday morning I don’t have to feel him cringe when I give him a big hug. Hope you all have a great Father’s Day and enjoy time with your dads!