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Meet HenkinSchultz: Paige, The Intern

My name is Paige Shafrath and I am the summer intern at HenkinSchultz. I am originally from Hampton, Iowa, which is a small town about an hour and a half north of Des Moines. No, I wasn’t raised on a farm, however, you could find a field about a block from each side of my house. I started off my college career at Winona State University in Minnesota. I couldn’t find a job in Winona the summer going into my junior year, so my brother suggested I move to Brookings, SD. After becoming best friends with my random roommates that summer, I found that South Dakota State was the place for me. In a matter of three days, I had transferred and was beginning fall classes at SDSU. I made friends in my department by being a part of Advertising Club and soon wound up becoming the President. This year, we implemented a media usage survey for the Brookings Department of Health and were able to fundraise enough money to take a trip to Chicago. The only other cool thing I might add that has any relevancy to my background and my interest in advertising is that I was on the District 8 championship NSAC team for Mary Kay. Ask me about lip balm, lip crayon, lip gloss, and lipstick and I’ll be sure to inform you. I’ve known since second grade that I wanted to be in advertising. That was the year I asked for (and received) a Swifter Sweeper for Christmas simply because I thought the ad jingle was fantastic. Later on in my life, I realized that I have a great passion for people. I like being able to connect with them and help them connect with other emotions and ideas. I use advertising as an outlet to express my own thoughts to help people relate to different ideas that maybe they wouldn’t have on their own. Through this internship, I really want to grasp how agencies turn an idea into an overall finished campaign. I want to be able to give valuable input and ideas that help bring our clients success. The talent in this office inspires me and I really want to benefit from everything they teach me. From this internship, I also want to help them to expand their ideas and develop new ways to bring in more clients.