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How to get your foot in the door

By May 27, 2014August 16th, 2016Advertising, Marketing
There you are. You have a fantastic product, a bulletproof sales process and the best customer service anyone could ask for. But one thing is missing, getting that face time. You know as soon as you get your foot in the door the sale is done, dunked and slammed. But how do you break through the triple locked, dead bolted, “No we aren’t interested door? This has been a constant challenge throughout the history of advertising, marketing and sales. For a long time it was telling people why they needed your product, which in the long run created distrust. Consumers also started to understand that all products aren’t created equal. Oh, and that little thing called the Internet that is a wealth of information (and misinformation) might have something to do with it. These reasons only scratch the surface of why sales and advertising have become enemy number one and made it that much harder for you to get your foot in the door. Luckily, marketers and advertisers were up for the challenge “we ‘creative’ types love this kind of stuff. Believe it or not there are some actual effective ways to get an initial meeting prior to making that ever-lurking cold call. Here are a few ideas of how to get the word out to create a warm lead in. 1. Know who you are looking for: With all the demographic information available has become easy to nail down your target. From annual income to the last time someone bought a vehicle, you can get almost any information you want, except blood type. I don’t think that is available yet. 2. Thud them: When using direct mail, one has to get extremely creative. Different sizes, dimension and texture all play a factor in getting that target to look at your advertising piece. A term often referred to in this industry is ‘thud’. This means that object that is going to really grab their attention. For instance; a related key chain, a creative box shape or guerilla marketing giveaway. The goal is to create a conversation. 3. Follow up: After you send your thud factor piece, give your targets a call and ask them if they received it. This is a great way to start a conversation about your product or service. Easy right? Ok, maybe not but that is why HenkinSchultz is here. We love a good creative challenge and have the results to prove it. Give us a shout today to explore how we can help you get your foot in the door.