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Ad of the Week: The Curve Changes Everything

She’s a comin’ in HOTT! 72andSunny has taken this ad to a whole new field of dreams! This summer’s advertising is starting off with a curve ball, however, when I say ball, I actually mean screen. Samsung has come out with a curve-shaped TV that takes flat-screened-boring entertainment to new levels of engagement. The 60-second spot demonstrates the curved TV experience by showing movie clips that are compiled as if the characters minds are completely blown by this fantastic idea. However, these aren’t just some run-of-the-mill clips. These clips are the classics. The climaxes of all climaxes! The inspirational-get-on-your-feet-and-clap scenes from some of the greatest movies of all times!! If I’m correct, you’ve formed small tear basins in the corners of your eyes, however the true beauty of this commercial is that it relates to all ages. It does a great job highlighting all forms of memorable TV experiences, as well as throwing in a popular YouTube clip. So does this curved truly change everything? Will my viewing experience be life changing and forever transform my impressions on movies and shows? If I don’t order one tonight, will I waste another day suffering from watching my currently boring flat screen TV? I’m not quite sure what to tell you, however this ad is one juicy temptress that makes me want to jump aboard this curvy bandwagon.