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Ad of the Week: Mom’s Day 2014 (er, 2013), Here’s to you!

By May 8, 2014August 16th, 2016Ad of the Week, Advertising
Mom’s day is here again and the commercials are all over the place. From the perfect necklace to the right card with the exact wording that is a guaranteed hit to make mom cry (or roll her eyes), to me the message this year is a little-blah? Mother’s day is about celebrating how cool your mom truly is. When it comes down to it, it’s all the stuff that she has gone through with or for you that makes Mom’s day so special. Since I couldn’t find anything I loved this year, I decided to go with a Google commercial from 2013 that shows the true meaning of Mother’s day. The whole premise of the commercial is to say “Thank You” to moms across the world. Google did an amazing job showing those little moments that make mothers so special. From the first ultrasound to the mother son dance, you get a little bit of everything to give you that happy feeling of aww, moms are pretty cool. The part that stuck out to me most is the reality of many people not being close to their mothers. By close I mean within traveling distance. While yes, Google is showing how awesome moms are, they are also showing how their products help you stay in contact with people. The reality is, many people grow up and move away. Could be for college or a career or military duty, but at some point people move away. Life is a crazy game that tells you to go out into the world and find your place but there is still the sting of sacrifice, which usually is friends and family. But with the technology world continuing to grow and expand, there are a bazillion options and ways to communicate with loved ones, Google+ being one of those ways. In essence, Mom’s day is the best day to say, “Hey mom, I think you are pretty neat” and cherish all your wonderful memories you have and secretly wish you had as cool of dance moves as your mom does. Ditch the flowers and jewelry this year and go for the authentic tearjerker with a heartfelt thank you.