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How to get your foot in the door

There you are. You have a fantastic product, a bulletproof sales process and the best customer service anyone could ask for. But one thing is missing, getting that face time. You know as soon as you get your foot in the door the sale is done, dunked and slammed. But how do you break through the triple locked, dead bolted, "No we aren't interested door? This has been a constant challenge throughout the history of advertising, marketing and sales. For a long time it was telling people why they needed your product, which in the long run created distrust. Consumers…
May 27, 2014
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Ad of the Week: The Curve Changes Everything

She's a comin' in HOTT! 72andSunny has taken this ad to a whole new field of dreams! This summer's advertising is starting off with a curve ball, however, when I say ball, I actually mean screen. Samsung has come out with a curve-shaped TV that takes flat-screened-boring entertainment to new levels of engagement. The 60-second spot demonstrates the curved TV experience by showing movie clips that are compiled as if the characters minds are completely blown by this fantastic idea. However, these aren't just some run-of-the-mill clips. These clips are the classics. The climaxes of all climaxes! The inspirational-get-on-your-feet-and-clap scenes…
May 23, 2014
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Ad of the Week: Un-steak My Heart

If there is one life experience that can be related to almost universally, it would be that of having your heartbroken. To some it comes early, to others much later, to a lucky few, it never happens; but far more often than not we all have our hearts ripped out, stomped on and thrown in the garbage disposal. I still remember the first time I met the unfortunate end of lady love's blade. Third grade, the playground of Garfield Elementary. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty -- but I'll spare you the gritty details (you wish - I got depantsed…
May 16, 2014

Meet HenkinSchultz: Paige, The Intern

My name is Paige Shafrath and I am the summer intern at HenkinSchultz. I am originally from Hampton, Iowa, which is a small town about an hour and a half north of Des Moines. No, I wasn't raised on a farm, however, you could find a field about a block from each side of my house. I started off my college career at Winona State University in Minnesota. I couldn't find a job in Winona the summer going into my junior year, so my brother suggested I move to Brookings, SD. After becoming best friends with my random roommates that…
May 15, 2014

How to Get People Talking: Advertising That Creates Buzz

We've all seen them. Those now famous Framily plan ads introduced by Sprint in early 2014. Sprint rolled out an awesome idea in a very intelligent way. They created a conversation starter. For instance, what's with the rodent that is supposed to be the dad? And the little girl that speaks French? Or how about Gor-Don? But let's pump the breaks for just a second. Their first ads started out a little more traditional, showing family members with a couple random friends incorporated. Now they have changed it up to really make people go, "What's this all about?" Why is…
May 13, 2014
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Ad of the Week: Mom’s Day 2014 (er, 2013), Here’s to you!

Mom's day is here again and the commercials are all over the place. From the perfect necklace to the right card with the exact wording that is a guaranteed hit to make mom cry (or roll her eyes), to me the message this year is a little-blah? Mother's day is about celebrating how cool your mom truly is. When it comes down to it, it's all the stuff that she has gone through with or for you that makes Mom's day so special. Since I couldn't find anything I loved this year, I decided to go with a Google commercial…
May 8, 2014