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Watch the Thrones. No, Seriously. Everyone Else Is.

By April 4, 2014June 28th, 2016Branding, Digital, Marketing, Television
As anticipation for the season four premiere of Game of Thrones reaches a fever pitch, HBO’s marketing department has kicked things into full gear in promoting its flagship program. From an onslaught of trailers to a hip-hop mixtape to releasing a branded craft beer, the shadow cast by the television juggernaut has been seemingly inescapable. Perhaps most impressive of all of this, is the art collection commissioned by HBO. Teaming with artist Robert M. Ball, the network has been releasing a new piece of art daily, each highlighting the most noteworthy death in the episodes leading up to the new season. Starting with episode one (no, not that one), to tomorrow’s release of the infamous Red Wedding episode, the collection offers viewers a visual trip down memory lane, guiding them every gruesome step of the way. Beyond the fact that is effort is tied directly into one of the show’s central themes – DEATH (duh), it also pays homage to the dedicated following the show has amassed over the years, known in particular for the fan art that has flooded HBO’s mailbox since the shows inception in 2011. While having a universally adored product to market certainly makes life easier for HBO, there is something to be said of a brand that recognizes those who have elevated its product to the mountaintop it sits upon today. Much like Game of Thrones itself, the network continues to surprise – even when the show could seemingly rest on its reputation alone – and reward fans for their continued dedication to the series. Check out HBO’s gallery to take in the entire collection in all its glory. Sidenote: Absolutely no one should complain about spoilers with this. Complaining about spoilers on a show that last aired a full year ago is like showing up to a birthday party a week after the fact and complaining that all the cake is gone.